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"I am a family man working for my children. I am a family man working all the things way... You've got to be strong to stand firm on your feet!" Everton Blender

Brian Wedderburn was born and educated in the small community of Belmont, Bluefields, Westmoreland. Father of 5 children, he is the head of a very stable and well organized family established in the home that Brian received the charge of from his grand-parents.

Brian and Annie

In Brian's yard, the day starts just as the sun rises. "The sun will never catch me in bed," likes to say Brian. Children are up early too. Everyone gets busy right away. Children are getting ready for school, Annie prepares a large breakfast for everyone and the girls help with the housework and the baby, Brian and Annie's grandson.

The boys...

Brian's day has a full schedule, always: house maintenance, repairs, yard work, farming and fishing keep him busy. He also runs a chicken farm and a small grocery shop "De Vibes Grocery Shop" on the main road. The shop has become a family responsibility and everyone gets involved from 10 in the morning to 9 at night, every day.

Brian's Family

The guesthouse keeps Brian busy too. He likes to make sure that his guests are comfortable, well taken care of, and he often spends time chatting and sharing with them his Rasta culture of which he is very proud.

"We all defend the right; Jah - Jah children must unite:
Your life is worth much more than gold."
Bob Marley

Brian is also a great wood carver. You'll often hear him "banging the wood" in his workshop, next to his house, while listening to Reggae and singing out of his heart. One does wonder where he finds the time and the energy!

The Doctor carving

See Brian's Woodcarving Photo Album

Come and visit Nature Roots. Spend a night, a week or a month. Come and share Brian's world, eat our food, discover our beautiful island and our Rasta culture.

"Love is the only solution. They can't stop the revolution.
Just free your meditation from war and illusion...
Love could set us free. That's the only thing we've got to hold on to..."
Jah Cure


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